Lacoste Red Eau de Parfum | 100% Authentic


For Men
50ml | Clear Glass Bottle

Availability: 27 in stock

Welcome to Bohsem Shop!

We offer a wide range of Fragrance Oil perfumes, including the vibrant and dynamic Lacoste Red – For Men.

✅ 50ml Frosted glass bottle
✅ Contains 15% oil-based perfume
✅ Provides a long-lasting scent that lasts all day

Lacoste Red Eau De Parfum for Men Key Features:

✅ A captivating and energetic fragrance
✅ Designed for men with a bold and adventurous spirit
✅ Offers a long-lasting scent that remains fresh throughout the day
✅ Suitable for both casual and formal occasions
✅ Comes in a convenient 50ml bottle, perfect for travel or on-the-go use

Rest assured, we take great care in packing and securing every product to ensure it arrives safely. We kindly request that you record a video while unboxing your parcel, as it helps us ensure the product’s safe arrival.

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    Bohsem Eau De Parfum - Lacoste Red - For MenLacoste Red Eau de Parfum | 100% Authentic

    Availability: 27 in stock

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